Issue 23 Sunday, June 15 2008

"Compass Life Newsletter"

How Can I Live Above Average?

answer from the Bible that can change your life

God never intended for us to love a mediocre. You are designed for excellence and you are unique.

Everybody wants to be recognized. In fact, not only do we want to be recognized, but we need recognition, for the sake of our own emotional health and image. And most of us have a need in our lives to be different, to be excellent, and to stand out from everybody else.

1 Chronicles 4:9-10 tells us about a man named Jabez. The first nine chapters of the book consists of genealogies, with a listing of names. Right in the middle of those 600 names, God singled out one man for special recognition, Jabez. Why did God single out this man?

The Bible says, “Jabez was more than honorable than his brothers”. His mother had named him, saying, “I gave birth to him in pain”. Jabez is the Hebrew word for “pain”.

He then prayed to God, “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain”. And God granted his request.

The first secret is that Jabez had a great ambition. He said, “I want God to bless me. I want something big and want to do something significant with me life”. Friends you need a dream. If you don’t, you are drifting. When you stop dreaming, you lose direction. And when you stop setting goals, you stop growing.

God wants you to have a great ambition in life. He made you for a growth and He wants you to stretch and develop and dream.

The second secret that he learned is growing faith. Not only that he had a great ambition, but also had a growing faith. He had a deep trust and belief in God.

The bible gives us some interesting facts about Jabez. There’s no mention of him having any special ability or gift. It doesn’t say that he was wealthy or educated. He was simply common man with an uncommon faith.

So don’t worry about what else you don’t have if you do have faith! God loves to use ordinary people who believe in Him, who are willing to trust Him.

The third secret is Jabez’s prayer life. It was his simple prayer request that got him an honorable mention in the Bible. Lots of people pray without rising above average. What kind of prayer does God answer?

Jabez asked for power greater than his own to accomplish his dream. He prayed, “I want you to bless me”. In other words, he wants God’s power in his life.

The next thing he prayed was God’s presence in his life. “Let your hand be with me”. He realized that if he got more territory, it meant he would have more responsibility. He would have greater demands and more pressure, and he would really need God’s help in his life.

And the last one was God’s protection over his life. Because in those days, the more you had, the bigger you become the target of the enemy.

Friends, if you want to live above average, then have great ambition in life, get a growing faith in God, and establish genuine prayer life.



Ps. Himawan Djuhana - from Los Angeles City Blessing. He will minister to our church on June 28th & 29th . June 28th: Marketplace Equipping Session: Stewarding the Wealth Transfer. Areas will be covered: - How to be successful steward of God's financial resources- Real Estate & Stocks. This equipping session will give you practical ideas and tips how to put to work the financial resources God has entrusted to you. This session will train and help you to be Kingdom Wealth builders. Don't miss this session! Meeting location: Wyndham Hotel O'Hare (Michigan/ Erie Room) Time: 4 pm - 5:30 pm

June 29th: Sunday Church Service


Next sunday Church Service will be held at Wyndham Hotel O'Hare (Salon O'Hare Room). Please make note of it.


Church Covenant Membership will be held on June 29th. If you feel God puts you in this local body to be your spiritual home, you are encouraged to participate in our covenant membership. 15 minutes short session about covenant membership will be held today after service. If you have any questions about this covenant membership, please contact sister Angeline or brother Wayan.


Care Cell Leadership Gathering will be held on June 25th (Wednesday evening @ 7pm). Meeting location to be announced next week.


Every Saturday morning 9.30 am@ Peter Kurniali’s Residence (We would love to have you all join us) And Please feel free to contact us with any prayer requests or if anyone need personal/congregational prayer support, We are Here to Help!


All church members are strongly encouraged to join Care Group Meeting. Care Group is not only a place for fellowship but also for spiritual nourishments and discipleship processes where everybody can learn to minister to others and be part of great commission.


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