Join our corporate fasting: "40 Days Fast from Negative Thinking" (March 23rd - April 30th). This fast from negative thinking is revolutionary approach to help us to conquer thought pattern, mentalities, or mindset many times defeat us from growing, believing God for His marvelous works, and also mentalities that limit our potentials and our obedience to the word of God. This fasting is not about abstaining ourselves from food. In our case, it is about abstaining or giving up ourselves from wrong ways of thinking for 40 days.

C.A.R.E Cells

Care Cell is an integral part to all what we do at CCBC. As we expect to grow larger on our Sunday meeting, we also focus on grow smaller during the week. Care Cell is a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God. It is a place to explore your journey of faith. Medium-sized group of 7-14 people that meet regularly in homes or public places.

Here in CCBC, we encourage everyone to be involved in a care cell on a weekly basis, to participate and invite your friends to both regular Sunday meeting and occasional church's corporate events.

If you are looking to get involved in our Care cell, please contact one of the following group leaders:

Downtown Chicago area : Wijaya Elham (elham_wijaya@yahoo.com)

Northwest Suburb area: Peter Setiawan (psetiawan@yahoo.com) & Wayan Otniel (wayanotniel@yahoo.com)

West Suburb area: Felix Widjaja (felix_widjaja@hotmail.com)

South Suburb area: Barnabas Listiawan (listia1@comcast.net) - for family group

Kids Sunday's Program

Children are also priority at CCBC. Here in our Sunday Kids program we are working the best to create a place where children will experience loving and encouraging environment as they learn important values for life. For more information about our kids program, contact Wong Tan Fie at: listia1@comcast.net

Prayer Force

Join our intercessory prayer team to release God's power through prayer. Without prayer nothing will change and nothing will grow. Our prayer will move the hands of God to do powerful works in our life. 

Our intercessory prayer is held every Saturday morning at 9:30 am in Chicago downtown. Please contact Sister Angeline (312-593-4353) for more information about our meeting location. Also if you have prayer request, please ask for prayer request form from one of our ushers. 


Corporate Prayer Meeting

This month's corporate prayer meeting will be held on Friday evening (April 24th - @ 7pm) in Lombard area. Everyone is encouraged to join this prayer. For more information please contact our church's number: 630.847.8566


Faith@Work Devotion

Faith@work daily devotion is available in our church blog. You can receive our daily devotion by visiting our church website at: www.chicagocityblessing.org. We make this available so that every members can be encouraged and refresh by the living word of God everyday. 


Upcoming Guest Speaker:

Mrs. Hana Ananda (from The House of Love) - Indonesia

May 10th, 2009

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