Sunday, February 1 2009


The Bible says we should cast all our cares upon God for He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). And that includes the care of what people think. We can only live our life to please God, and if that troubles some people, they need to take it up with Him.

Life goes too complicated when we try to please both God and people. We must be free to be what God wants us to be. And we don't have to compare ourselves to or compete with anyone (2 Corinthians 10:12). Jesus came to set people free in many ways, and this is one of them.

All God expects is that we try to be the absolute best we can be. He wants us to follow the desire He placed in each of us. The moment we doing that, we set ourselves to grow and to be productive in life.

“To thine own heart be true”, the old saying goes. It still remains a timely and relevant life lesson that all of us would do well to remember. When we veer off the course that our heart is advising us to follow, we can make our lives very difficult. Putting aside our own convictions and following what others think we should do will lead to an unfulfilled and empty existence.

Following your heart can simplify your life. There is nothing simple about ignoring the dreams and visions that God has given you and trying to force yourself to enjoy doing something you actually hate. You may think following your heart will be complicated, but the truth is, it is absolutely necessary if you ever intend to enjoy a simple life of obedience to God.


In the extreme temperatures and near-vacuum of interplanetary space, astronauts need special clothing in order to survive. Their spacesuits supply them with oxygen, keep their bodies at controlled temperatures, remove moisture from the air around them, and monitor their blood pressure and heart rhythm.

When Neil Armstrong went on the Apollo 11 mission that sealed his place in history as the first man to land on the moon, his suit was specially designed to provide a life-sustaining environment during periods of heavy spacecraft operation. The custom-fitted spacesuit permitted maximum mobility and was designed to be worn with relative comfort for up to 115 hours outside the spacecraft or for 14 days in an unpressurized mode.

Astronauts must put an enormous amount of trust in their spacesuits. One said it was eerie to realize that while outside the space capsule, there was just one-quarter of an inch between him and eternity. Now that’s important clothing! Notice how the Bible says, “Put on Christ.” He is our righteousness and only in Him we move, breath and live.


Chicago City Blessing Church is launching new program called "Creative Fellowship". This program is designed to help members to get to know each other better, to provide encouragements, to create ways for all members to get involved, and to learn minister to others in more creative ways according to their unique gifts. This program will be held every last Sunday of each month after church service. Lunch will be served during this event. Each member is also encouraged to bring new friends to join our church every last Sunday of each month.


Care Cell Training - with Ps. Tom Lay of Claremont City Blessing March 13th - 14th, 2009 (Friday evening & Saturday) Program and meeting location will be announced.


Morning Intercessory Prayer is held every Saturday morning at 9:30 am. Come and join our intercessory prayer team as they release prayers in spiritual realm and expecting the answer from heaven!!


All church members are always encouraged to be part of care cell. What is care cell?A CARE cell is a spiritual family where we experience God through relationships with one another. It is also place where we can receive support and encouragement and learn practical truths to help us to grow and overcome challenges of life.


  • Downtown Area (Wijaya/Angie Elham - 312-731-4621 )
  • Chinatown Area(Felix/Delia Widjaja - 708-351-0594 )
  • Schaumburg(Peter/Sunny Setiawan - 312-863-9407)
  • Libertyville(Akiong/Merry Gunawan - 847-414-4068 )
  • Oswego(Kasih/Tanfie Listiawan - 630-566-8602 )

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