CCBC Sunday Announcements


Our next Marketplace Forum will be held December 13th (Saturday).Guest: Johnson Sung & Luke Joelson (of C.A Associates firm).Details about place and time will be announced next week.

Mr. Johnson and Luke are business consultants. They are now partnering with Global Discipleship whose mission is to work with churches and mission agencies all over the world, helping them train disciples, develop leaders, and equip church planters with business skills so they can go into areas where the Gospel is seldom, if ever, heard.

They have three approaches for helping the global body of Christ reach the world for Christ.

GDT (Global Discipleship Training) Alliance . Churches everywhere seek to make disciples. We provide resources that help groups of churches start their own discipleship-mission training programs. Resources may include teachers, teaching materials, mentor relationships, and strategies for local accountability and financing.

Creative Access works with mission agencies and businesses helping to find creative ways to bring the Gospel to restricted areas.

Global LEAD (Leadership Equipping And Development) Alliance addresses the huge need for Christ-like leaders in all areas of society. Global LEAD works with an international network of leadership development programs. This network cooperates to provide ongoing training for Christian leaders around the world. As these leaders gain new skills, understanding and knowledge, they impact businesses, families and societies.


CCBC Compassion Ministry Team is now working on providing free individual tax preparation service to community in chicagoland area. If you want to know more and want to participate in this project, please contact Sister Delia Setiawan. Also this team now is gathering information from some local park districts on providing free ESL course to people who don't speak English.


Every Saturday morning 10 am@ Peter Kurniali’s Residence(We would love to have you all join us..) And Please feel free to contact us with any prayer requests or if anyone need personal/congregational prayer support, We are Here to Help!


All church members are always encouraged to be part of care cell. What is carecell? A CARE cell is a spiritual family where we experience God through relationships with one another. It is also place where we can receive support and encouragement and learn practical truths to help us to grow and overcome challenges of life.


  • Downtown Area – (Wijaya/Angie Elham – 312-731-4621 )
  • Chinatown Area (Felix/Delia - 708-351-0594 )
  • Schaumburg (Peter/Sunny Setiawan – 312-863-9407)
  • Libertyville (Akiong/Merry Gunawan – 847-414-4068 )
  • Oswego(Kasih/Tanfie Listiawan – 630-566-8602 )

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